Passive construction

The awareness of the population in the environment has provoked the reaction of the sector with the incorporation of new materials and treatments sensitive to the environment. Concept of SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION, ecological construction, construction respectful with the environment, are some of the terminologies used for this new way of understanding the construction sector. The passive

Pond construction techniques

Pond construction can be time consuming and costly and not as simple as one might think. There are so many ways to build a pond as there are pond designs, so you need to choose a method that works for your budget and lifestyle. To build a pond, start from the bottom. First you dig

What is Construction Paper?

Construction paper is characterized as a rigid, heavy, inexpensive matte or non-durable lacquer paper. Made of ground wood, it is available in a variety of colors, and its primary application is the children’s arts and crafts and school projects. Features An important feature to keep in mind is that the color of most construction paper

In addition to cost calculator

Anything but an accessory Do you have an eye on the costs of acquiring or building a property? Make sure you are safe – so you will not be in the rain afterwards. The additional cost calculator calculates the most important incidental costs when buying or building a property. The purchase or construction of the


In early 2017,was many people thinking of building their own home, but to build safely and with the certainty that their labor costs are being well invested. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of the planning that must be done from the list of construction materials that will be used in the work. After

Pricing in construction

All construction projects differ from each other in the area of ​​erection, the number of storeys used in the construction of materials and also on structural elements. This applies equally to objects that are built on standard projects, since the construction of each such object depends, in part, on the conditions of the locality to

Immediate deduction for construction costs

Following a special rule in the Depreciation Act, deductions for conversion and improvement expenses may also be deducted, in so far as the total cost of conversion, improvement and maintenance does not exceed five percent of the depreciation base of the building to which the expense relates. The conversion and improvement costs exceeding the five

Ideas for a Commercial Garden Building

If you have a commercial building, attractive landscaping can have a powerful impact on the business. A well-maintained landscape speaks to its customers about the quality of their business. If none of your business consists of walk-in traffic, making your landscape attractive can increase revenue, attract more customers. Commercial landscaping projects can have a great