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How to start and advertise a construction business

Running your own construction business needs more than you know about trading. You need to understand how small business management and sales to succeed as an entrepreneur is. Advertising a construction company has to identify its target customers and the appropriate means to reach out to potential customers. Here are some tips that will help

How to control commercial construction costs

With the rising cost of materials and labor, it is your general contractor’s duty and responsibility to keep a tight rein on costs. Cost control is one of the most important aspects of meeting client budget expectations. Over the years, we’ve found several areas where we pay particular attention to this end. Good design pays

How to calculate building squares

A building square is a term used to describe the amount of material for a building that covers an area of ​​100 square feet. Builders can also change the term to certain types of specific projects, such as “roof squares,” which indicates 100 square feet (0.1 square meters) of roofing material. You can determine the

How to build an Eco-Friendly house

Building a self-sufficient house is possible, although important obstacles such as the price of materials still have to be overcome, although it is also true that there are successful projects that have used recycled materials and resort to ingenious energy production systems more affordable than solar panels or wind turbines, let’s say. An ecological house

How to build a pallet house

The DIY creations of wooden pallets are an increasingly popular trend, with projects ranging from building pieces of furniture to an outdoor pool. It is important to find a surplus of high quality wood pallets that have been chemically treated in order to avoid bacteria, insects and fungi. A strong base has to be built

How much does a single-family house cost

For almost all builders, building a house is a big challenge. The selection and purchase of a suitable property is at the beginning of a journey, which demands the future house owners many decisions and confronts them with many new topics. How much living space is needed, what space allocation is useful and what equipment

How does the bidding in the construction area work

The process When a construction project is put out to tender, the landlord is looking for a qualified and responsible contractor to do the work at a reasonable cost. The bidding process ensures that potential bidders are working on the same information, which leads to the possibility of comparing not only prices but also the

How to offer the final cleaning of a building

Tendering for final cleaning of a building is often a daunting task for commercial cleaning companies, cleaning services and for self-employed workers. Construction companies hire cleaning companies who can follow a strict schedule and provide a good job. There are different stages of cleaning and when preparing a tender for the final cleaning phase, the

Financing of construction projects

When should you apply for a loan? If you are to build a new house or rebuild, you should have the funding in place, before the construction starts, and before you have signed a contract with the craftsmen. The first item on the agenda is therefore to get an overview of the cost of the