Construction cost subsidy

Building cost control – this sounds like a state aid to a separate construction project. Not even close! This is an instrument which obliges the consumer, against his energy supplier, to co-finance the costs of the local distribution network for electricity and gas. The costs for the connection of the house to the electricity or gas network are added: This must also bear the consumer.

The consumer pays 50 percent of the network costs

Building costumes are therefore a real annoyance for consumers. They also have no influence on the amount of the sum to be paid. The building cost control is regulated by law in section 11 of the low-voltage connection regulation and in section 11 of the low-pressure connection regulation. It may be calculated on the basis of the costs of comparable cases.

Pedestal yield on electricity

In the case of electricity, there is a so-called “pedestal rental income”, which means that a beneficiary has to make a construction subsidy only if the power to be held exceeds 30 kilowatts, which corresponds to the equivalent value of four residential units. The building cost subsidy is only to be paid pro rata for the service, which exceeds 30 kilowatts, so it is not important how many dwellings are in a building, but the connection itself is crucial.

Gas customers must pay

On the other hand, the energy supplier can pass on half of all the costs for creating the network to the customer, regardless of whether it is for domestic customers (low pressure) or industry (higher printing levels). There is no pedestal charge as with the electricity with the gas. Most gas suppliers, however, calculate construction costs low, in order to attract enough new customers.

Correct calculation?

Consumers should critically examine the cost of building subsidies that the supplier charges them. Details for calculation methods are given in the guide of the power roof assembly. If there is any doubt about the correct calculation, an abuse procedure can be initiated at the Federal Network Agency.

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