How much does a single-family house cost

For almost all builders, building a house is a big challenge. The selection and purchase of a suitable property is at the beginning of a journey, which demands the future house owners many decisions and confronts them with many new topics. How much living space is needed, what space allocation is useful and what equipment requirements should be implemented? Which house technology is affordable and economical? What energy efficiency should the building receive and which companies can and should carry out the work professionally? Important questions which are to be answered before the first groundbreaking and have a direct impact on the overall costs. So we are also on the most important questions: What is the total cost to be expected and how can you calculate the construction costs in advance?

Ready to build

If the client works with an architect, a serious developer or manufacturer, the overall cost calculation is less problematic. In most cases, there is a comprehensive and complete offer of services, which takes into account all requirements for equipment and construction measures. But be cautious and check the offers very carefully, because I always discover during financial discussions costs which lead to not inconsiderably higher additional costs. In most cases, bad and incomplete construction and performance descriptions and inaccurate payment plans are available. The offer does not take into account the development costs, inaccurate description of the performance of the construction works lead to additional costs, non-guaranteed completion dates lead to double financial charges (rent / loan interest). In order to track down hidden costs or to assess costs, my customers receive a checklist of the consumer center with literature references. This enables you to effectively counter cost risks.

Building as a builder

It is becoming increasingly rare that consumers build as builders themselves and commission individual firms with construction measures. Many builders calculate the construction costs over the so-called rebuilt space. The actual costs vary with both procedures, depending on the equipment quality, the house technology used and the region, the costs for external installations, land, building costs.

The main cost groups

In principle, the following costs / cost groups are to be expected:

  • Land costs
  • Development costs (surveying, electricity, water, road etc.)
  • Cost of broker
  • Notary and land registry
  • Purchase costs and purchase tax
  • Finance costs
  • Fees (architect, financing, etc.)
  • Building costs (creation of the building)
  • Domestic appliances (heating, ventilation, electrical installation, sanitation etc.)
  • Outdoor facilities (terrace, fence, etc.)
  • Equipment (kitchen, furniture, etc.)

Collaboration with an architect facilitates cost planning. Depending on the planning decision, the costs are reduced or increased. Architects can use their experiences and cost tables to assess the impact of individual measures and, together with the builders, plan the overall costs in a targeted manner.

Flexibility in mortgage financing increases planning security

The comprehensive overall cost calculation is an important building block in consulting approach. Only when the total costs and the actual financing requirements have been determined in detail is the search for the best and cheapest financing modules. If the construction costs are exceeded or fallen short of the agreement, no additional costs will be incurred. This increases planning security and provides more flexibility.

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