Typical concrete floors that we see in workshops, warehouses, garages, etc., over time inevitably suffer damage due to incessant use. These impairments are manifested in the form of cracks, breaks, holes or bumps in the soil of different sizes.

Once they appear cracks in the ground cannot be forced to repair them, otherwise, these flaws hamper the transit of the various means of transport used in said floor and every time will get worse widening more and becoming a larger problem.

To repair, fix or restore these concrete floors are various types of mortar, but today we are going to talk and recommend one specific.

It is an ideal for the restoration of injuries on pavements in any state solution. This material is capable of completely filling the lesion, penetrating well into the substrate soil and restoring it to perfection.

Its application is very simple. Use a trowel, and a blender to stir the mixture well until a homogeneous mass and a trowel. Once prepared, the dough is poured with trowel on soil cracks and imperfections and smoothed with the trowel.

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