How to start and advertise a construction business

Running your own construction business needs more than you know about trading. You need to understand how small business management and sales to succeed as an entrepreneur is. Advertising a construction company has to identify its target customers and the appropriate means to reach out to potential customers. Here are some tips that will help you start and advertise a construction business.


Business plan

  1. Write a business plan. It includes specific information about what types of construction projects you want to work with, the type of clients you want and the size of the business you want to start. Consider whether you want to hire others or use subcontractors. It also includes information about your competition and creates a marketing plan detailing how you are going to market your services.
  2. Look for business advice. Consult with a lawyer and an accountant to ask questions about the best legal structure for the company. (You can choose to operate as a sole proprietorship with limited liability companies or a partnership, among others.) Look for local small business seminars to learn about small business management, and try to find a mentor who operates a construction business similar to what are you going to start Find out what are the royalties, licenses, paperwork and permits needed to operate a construction business in your state. Apply for civil liability insurance and employment research regulations.
  3. Choose a place. Your office and what you need for the store will depend on the type of construction business you want to carry out. A carpenter may need only a small workshop, while contractors who offer services use large equipment requiring a variety of buildings for storage and an office for house support staff. Investigate local zoning laws, which can regulate everything from noise, before you create your store or buy a property. Choose a place considering storage equipment, travel time and accessibility for customers.
  4. Create a budget and get funding. Your budget must include estimated costs of operation and expenses. Your business plan will be essential to getting a traditional loan. However, it may still be difficult to obtain bank financing to start a construction business. Consider asking for a loan from friends or family, use your personal credit cards and use your personal savings to cover the initial operating costs. Save on your start-up costs by leasing equipment.
  5. Promote your business. Once you have researched all of your responsibilities as a business owner, you are ready to offer your construction services. Your marketing efforts can include everything from door to door calls, sales, brochures, print advertising, a website and even a column of advice in the local newspaper. Give your business cards to satisfied customers and ask for referrals.


  1. Choose your advertising goals. These goals can be measurable (such as increasing your business by 20 percent) or general ideas (such as making your construction services known). The more specific you are in your goals, the easier it will be to create effective advertising and analyze your results.
  2. Identify your target market. This is the group that is very likely to buy your services. If you are not sure who will be your most common customer, use a survey to ask who the customers are and what services they care about. Typical clients of construction businesses are homeowners, businesses, governments and schools.
  3. Create your message. Adapt your advertising to the interests of your target market and your needs. For example, if you sell construction services to homeowners, create advertising that describes how your services can solve remodeling problems or improve their homes. Focus on the benefits your business offers to customers.
  4. Choose your media. Select one of the newspapers, general or specialized magazines or websites. Choose an option that has an audience that matches your target market. Most media companies maintain demographic information that describes their common readers and their preferences. For example, you can publish your ad in the local newspaper if the marketing of your construction services is for local business owners.
  5. Analyze your answer. It includes a way to measure the effectiveness of your advertising. You can do this by using a code that gives the customer a discount or by simply asking him where he found out about the construction company.

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