In addition to cost calculator

Anything but an accessory

Do you have an eye on the costs of acquiring or building a property? Make sure you are safe – so you will not be in the rain afterwards. The additional cost calculator calculates the most important incidental costs when buying or building a property.

The purchase or construction of the home is more than the pure purchase price. How much more? The main costs are determined by the ancillary costs calculator.

This is how the additional cost calculator works

Brokerage commission, emergency expenses, land register entry and land purchase tax increase the final price of your property by a lot. The service cost calculator also includes this in the cost estimate. In doing so, he takes into account the different costs in different federal states. You will receive the amount of the total cost, which you must pay for the purchase including these additional costs.

This is the cost of the additional cost calculator

The incidental costs have a not insignificant part in the total budget. The right calculation of these costs can decide whether your project is successful or failure. If you are smart with the additional cost calculator, you can then concentrate on the main property: your property.

The result of the additional cost calculator is to give you a first orientation. This is a sample calculation. This cannot replace personal advice. The consultants of your savings bank will be happy to provide you with information on concrete conditions and, in consultation with you, determine the best solution for your plan.

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