In early 2017,was many people thinking of building their own home, but to build safely and with the certainty that their labor costs are being well invested. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of the planning that must be done from the list of construction materials that will be used in the work. After all, labor is also an expense that we should quote along with other expenses.

It is expected that the price charged by a labor force in the construction of a house will rise a little, after all at the beginning of the year there is a readjustment of the values ​​of all prices, including for those who work with self-service or for those who work in a construction company.

Be sure to ask the amount that will be charged next year, as the price may change. Do not forget to make a contract so that all ideas are expose.

Price of construction

We have several types of constructions, they can be charged for the day worked, which is not very common, per square meter or the whole work as a whole. Before hiring, talk to your master builder about how the same seam you receive.

Regarding the values, the price charged varies greatly from one region to another, however the standard value for labor costs per square meter is from 800 to 900 dollars. The amount with readjustment may increase by approximately 100 dollars or more depending on the region where you live.

If it is a construction that is charged for the workday, the normal value is usually between 50 and 100 dollars and it is probable that there is no increase or a small increase, with around 20 dollars.

If it is the whole amount, a percentage is usually charged on the closed value of the house, that is, assume that the construction will be in the amount of 100 thousand dollars and the construction master will profit 20% on top of it, having a value of 20 thousand dollars. This percentage may increase from one region to another.


To save on construction as a whole you need to research the building materials stores that may be more in account in other stores. Look for building materials that are of excellent quality, but never forgetting to save as much as possible, but do not leave any material missing.

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