Passive construction

The awareness of the population in the environment has provoked the reaction of the sector with the incorporation of new materials and treatments sensitive to the environment. Concept of SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION, ecological construction, construction respectful with the environment, are some of the terminologies used for this new way of understanding the construction sector.

The passive construction, brings together many of the key points inherent in these terminologies, as well as compliance with strict criteria and regulations fully detailed by certifying bodies of international scope.

The passive houses start from the idea of ​​generating a very low energy demand, achieving levels of energy consumption and CO2 emissions much lower compared to traditional construction.

The concept of sustainable building under the premise of respect for the environment, brings together two key points:

  • Use of natural raw material, with minimal or non-existent introduction of chemical products or treatments that harm the environment.
  • Energy saving with the construction of houses with a good thermal insulation, taking advantage of the exterior lighting and with natural insulating materials studied to reduce considerably the energy expenditure of the building.

Sustainable construction involves a study and special treatment for the work, an awareness that has to group all the members that will be part of the execution of the work. The architect, the rigger, site manager, industrialists, assembly teams, all have to go in the same line so that a totally sustainable project can be completed.

With an architectural studio that knows the materials, that understands the particularities of this constructive system, and that can be translated into plans by the client’s clear premises adapted to sustainable materials. The professional assembly team follows step by step the protocol marked.

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